Meet Catherine & Carah

Catherine (Mom) and Carah (Daughter) have been working together on design, since Carah was a young child. What would start as "Let's clean the house,“ would inevitably turn into, "How can we re-arrange this space?” Pulling different items from other rooms, they would transform the house into a whole new space. They believe with a little creativity and the right items; your home will become a place that truly welcomes you when you step in the front door.

June of 2023, they made a decision, to build on that very concept. This is how Marigold Mornings was born.

About Marigold Mornings

The idea of this store is truly a dream come true, it is something that has been brewing for years, Catherine would dabble in writing, canvas art, and making jewelry. Carah went to college and got a degree in business and has developed a skill in digital art. All of this combined with their passion for Interior Design has led them to this point in creating Marigold Mornings.

It’s just the beginning for what they have in mind for the store. They would like to invite you to come on this journey with them and see how they grow each day.

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